Including an area of 565 hectares and a measured reserve of 100 million m3, the Asa Branca mine is single in Brazil and the largest white granite mine in the world. There is a homogenous granitic stock with small color and texture variations. All the occurance of white granite is in the area of GRANISTONE’s exclusive submission (governmental decree number 455/92). The occurance area is located in a low and slightly flattered relief with little topographic expression favoring either new front production openings as well as production outflow.
The CEARA WHITE GRANITE is located in Fazenda Lagoana, Santa Quiteria county, midcentral inland in the Ceara state, northeast of Brazil, 250 km away from Fortaleza, state capital.
The access to the quarry starts in Fortaleza, on a paved road that supports heavy traffic (BR-020), for 112 km up to Canindé City, where one continues along the CE-257 paved road for 104 km up to the city of Santa Quitéria. Once in Santa Quitéria, take the CE-176 road heading north to Sobral City for 14 km till Balacó place. From that spot another 20 km along a cart road up to the quarry. The road transportation of blocks to all important consuming centers of the country and to Fortaleza Port is normal even in the rainy season without any troubles.
The area where the CEARA WHITE GRANITE mine is located presents a hot and dry climate. It normally rains from January to June and with larger rain concentrations between March and April. The climate does not affect the block production, except for the rainy months where production is a bit reduced, we can state that blocks are produced all year long.
All this equipment combined with a number of drilling machines and other backup- equipment allows us to reach an average production of 1.000 m3/month.
For machinery maintenance, Granistone counts on a specialized mechanical team and a workshop with machines and tools, so that there is permanent equipment availability used in the extracting process and block transportation as well.
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